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Our Weather Symbol Chart ASL poster is an excellent addition to your classroom decor and an essential tool for teaching your children about Weather with the added touch of Sign Language. A well-decorated classroom assists teachers in creating an inviting and relaxed environment in which students are happy and engaged.

Use these Weather Symbol anchor charts to reinforce classroom morning routines and weather concepts! Laminate for longevity and make individual charts for each student. A benefit of having two designs with the Weather Symbol Chart is that you can use one for students and one for your wall or switch them out mid-way through the year to keep your students interested.

🌤 The Weather Symbol Legend Includes:

  • 2 versions in color and black and white
  • ASL and English with images

⛈ Weather Symbol Key Includes:

cloudy, humid, partly cloudy, rainy, snowy, sunny, stormy, windy

❄️ Teaching Weather

Weather education extends beyond the science classroom. Weather knowledge, for example, is essential for English as a Second Language (ESL) students. They can talk about this almost daily and begin to incorporate other topics of conversation. Here are three top reasons to teach Weather.

  1. Connect precise measurements to everyday student observations.
  2. Use as a vehicle for teaching more challenging science and math concepts.
  3. It brings all students together, regardless of how diverse.


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