Founder, Cynthia LongNationally Certified Interpreter

Founder, Cynthia Long
Nationally Certified Interpreter


Welcome to ASL Teaching Resources, the one stop place for ASL teaching resources and learning sign language. We specialize in providing teachers with the necessary tools to be successful whether they know sign or not.

Our Mission

To provide ready-to-use sign language based worksheets, flashcards, and videos to make it easier to teach and communicate with deaf, hearing and special needs students.

Our Promise

To cut your research and prep time down to just minutes.


We believe that teachers and caregivers can have better communication with their children through sign language. This website is designed to give you the tools to effectively communicate and understand your child’s needs.


My wife and I learned a few common words that we can communicate at a distance or around the kids. For example, when driving past her in the car, I was able to sign “I love you” through windows and at a distance.


Since using sign with my elementary students, I have noticed a big change in our communication. Thank you, SignBabySign!


With my 11-month-old daughter, signing has helped us communicate with each other without tantrums, screaming or whining. Since she is unable to talk yet, signing has helped us understand her needs.


Eating out with friends, my daughter will sign to me when she doesn’t feel comfortable with something. Signing gives her a safe way to say things in front of others.


Signing has helped my classroom noise level. We can have quiet time and kids can still communicate with sign on a basic level.


One time I saw a deaf father signing to his child. I was amazed at the vocabulary level with just using hands. I want to learn to communicate with my kids like that. Thank you for making this possible.


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