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Welcome to SPED Classroom Must Haves in 5 Steps where we give you all the tools you need to be successful whether you know sign or not.

This course is the perfect way to learn the bare basic signs to start communicating with your students in a new and meaningful way.

What’s Included for SPED Must Haves

  • Online Course: SPED Classroom Must Haves in 5 Steps
    • 3 Models
    • 5 top sign videos
    • 5 top sign posters/wall charts
    • 5 Bonuses
    • Extra super special bonus
    • .5-hour Professional Development (Certificate)


    Objectives for this Sign Language Support Course

    1. Learn and Master the Top 5 Signs: Dive into the world of sign language as you learn and confidently master the top 5 signs. Our expert instructor will guide you through each sign, ensuring that you not only grasp the basics but also understand the nuances that enhance your proficiency.
    2. Discover Pro Tips for Sign Fluency: Elevate your sign language skills with insider tips and tricks. Gain invaluable insights that go beyond the basics, enabling you to communicate more effectively.
    3. Immediate Integration into Classroom Dynamics: From day one, you’ll be equipped to seamlessly integrate sign language into your classroom environment. Break down communication barriers by engaging with both verbal and nonverbal students using your newfound sign language skills.
    4. Instant Access to Classroom Decor Posters: Enhance your learning space with professionally designed posters featuring the top 5 signs. These posters not only serve as visual aids but also promote a sign-friendly atmosphere in your classroom, and reassures everyone how to sign.
    5. Expand Your Vocabulary with 5 Extra Necessity Signs: Broaden your sign language toolkit by acquiring an additional set of 5 necessity signs tailored for the classroom. Empower yourself to address various everyday scenarios with ease and confidence.
    6. Extra Support: Benefit from additional training support sessions, where our expert instructor will address different topics monthly.
    7. ❤️ Access to Bonus Resources: As a valued course participant, you’ll gain access to additional free resources that offer extended support for your sign language in the classroom journey. These resources provide you with ample opportunities to learn more, refine your skills, and cater to diverse student needs.

    Enroll now to embark on a transformative learning experience that goes beyond language acquisition. Unite students, foster inclusivity, and create an environment where communication knows no bounds. Whether you’re a teacher, educator, or someone passionate about effective communication, this course is your gateway to a more connected classroom and beyond.

    star character showing 5 steps, 5 posters, 5 videos, 5 minutes, 5 bonuses

    Requirements: Access to the internet and printer.

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Posted 2 weeks ago
Perfect for getting started with my students

I was surprised that the quality of the resources. They were amazing and will be helpful getting started in my classroom.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!