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⭐️ Best ASL Preschool Curriculum ⭐️

Know WHAT to teach and WHEN to teach it.

Ideal for educators wanting to incorporate ASL in the classroom or as a companion to an existing curriculum.

Full Year – 13 Units

⭐ Gen-Ed
⭐ Deaf
⭐ Daycare
⭐ Speech
⭐ Home

Signing Stars for Preschool Curriculum and Special Education allows you to incorporate signing time into your classroom. Our full-year preschool lessons show how easy it is to teach and learn with the children.

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ASL Preschool Curriculum

Unit 0 – Start Here


ASL Preschool Curriculum

Unit 1


ASL Preschool Curriculum

Unit 2


ASL Preschool Curriculum

Unit 3

Your students can be

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❤️ Your job just got easier! ❤️

Pacing Guide & Vetted Video Library

Ready-made lessons & how to sign videos

Can use with a diverse group of students

Integrates with exisiting curriculum

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