Pocket Chart Calendar Cards – Polka Dot


These vibrant Pocket Chart Calendar Cards are essential in every classroom. They are versatile and inclusive due to their polka dot theme, English and Sign Language, diverse skin tones, numerals, days, and years. Introduce ASL and promote diversity in the classroom to create an environment that enhances communication, comprehension, and appreciation among kids. Consider using these lovely cards to spruce up your classroom and make it a more enjoyable place for every kid.


Are you ready to embark on a learning experience that blends bright images, inclusive representation, and the power of Sign Language? The Pocket Chart Calendar Cards feature a charming polka dot theme; these adaptable cards are ideal for pocket charts and bulletin boards in the classroom. With numbers ranging from 1 to 31, divided weekends, years extending from 2022 to 2031, and days of the week, these cards provide an inclusive representation for every student to feel seen and respected.

Sign Language Pocket Chart Calendar Cards include:

  • Polka Dot themed
  • 3 Skin tones
  • Numbers 1-31
  • Split weekends
  • Years 2022-2031
  • Days of the week
    • Sign only
    • Fingerspelling and sign
  • 11 Blank cards

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Calendar Cards

One of the remarkable aspects of these cards is their incorporation of both English and Sign Language. Each weekday card is available in two versions: one with fingerspelling/sign and another with the sign only. The cards promote inclusivity by embracing ASL, bridging the gap between deaf and hearing students, and encouraging all learners to appreciate diverse languages.

Using sign language-inclusive resources in classrooms has numerous benefits. Students exposed to ASL develop more vital communication skills, improved spatial reasoning, and enhanced cognitive abilities. The Pocket Calendar Cards seamlessly incorporate into your daily routine, creating a natural and accessible learning experience.

Not only are these cards educational, but they also captivate young minds. The cheerful polka dot theme and visually appealing graphics spark curiosity and encourage active participation. Students can count the days, identify special dates, and engage with vibrant visuals. These Calendar Cards transform your learning environment into an interactive space that fosters a love of learning.

The Pocket Cards offer a versatile resource for classrooms. With their engaging design, inclusive representation, and integration of Sign Language, these cards provide an opportunity for meaningful connections and unforgettable learning experiences. Incorporate these cards into your educational toolkit to promote inclusivity and a passion for learning among your students.

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