ASL in the Classroom Top Elementary Signs



ASL in the Classroom Top Elementary Signs

Welcome to our online training, ASL in the Classroom – Top Elementary Signs, to learn the top signs you’ll use in the elementary classroom.

Who is this Elementary Signs Teacher Training for?

Those who will be teaching children online, both hearing and deaf.

Classroom Top Elementary Signs Course Description

Discover essential tools for teaching students those sign.
This training will give you a personal tour around an elementary classroom. You will learn the top essential signs needed every day to communicate with students using sign language. Come ready to learn.

√ Daily Jobs
√ Schedule Board
√ Locker/Cubby Area
√ Sink Area
√ Student Area
√ Teacher’s Desk
√ Counting/Math
√ Time & Money
√ Calendar
√ Weather
√ Pledge of Allegiance

Purchase Orders

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Steps for this online ASL training:

    1. Watch the video
    2. Take the quiz
    3. Download PDF
    4. Get certificate (optional)

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