Learn ASL in 60 Days Courses 6-10 Level 2

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Ready to take your ASL skills to the next level? This course will guide you through lessons to further your Sign Language knowledge and skills.


Have you ever wanted to learn sign language but didn’t have time? Then Learn ASL in 60 Days is the class for you! In Level 2, you’ll be amazed at all you will learn in courses 6-10.

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Learn ASL in 60 Days – Level 2

  • $175 a person, online-only, 5 weeks self-guided
  • $115 a person, online course & in-person instructor 5  weeks, minimum 30 people
  • $125 a person, online course & in-person instructor 2 weeks, minimum 15 people

Skills Learned:  Have you ever wanted to take your ASL skills to the next level but didn’t have time? Then this is the class for you. Each class has new concepts, grammar, culture, vocabulary, and more. At the end of 5 weeks, you will be able to communicate and understand sign language on a basic level. You will walk away with new skills and a resource to reinforce what you just learned. So join the class and get ready to improve your communication without speaking a word. Get started today with Learn ASL in 60 Days Courses 6-10 Level 2.

Format:  Interactive group dynamic with the use of the Internet. No books are required. You’ll need to be able to download weekly PDFs—homework- approximately 30 minutes daily online.

Instructor:  Cynthia Long, Nationally Certified Interpreter for the Deaf and founder.

Need credit for Professional Development hours? A certificate is available at the completion of the course.

Preview “What is ASL” Day 1

Preview “Learn ABCs” Day 2

Preview “ASL History” Day 7


Level 2 Topics:

  • Classifiers
  • Time/Clock
  • Time with space
  • Age
  • Noun/Verb Pairs
  • Directional Verbs
  • RH Questions (Rhetorical)
  • Surrogate/Token Space
  • Eye Gaze
  • Initialization
  • Inflections
  • Turn-Taking
  • Lexical Signs

  • Numbers: 30-99
  • Numbers: 10s, 100s, 1000s
  • Numbers: Address/Phone
  • Numbers: Ordinal/Cardinal
  • Numbers: Listing
  • Numbers Money
  • Gesturing
  • Role Shifting
  • Deaf Culture: Music
  • Deaf Culture: Phone Calls
  • Deaf Culture: Doctor Visits
  • Deaf Culture: Cochlear/Hearing Aids
  • Deaf Culture: Driving

Benefits of taking this beginners class:

  • Enhance career opportunities
  • Communicating in noisy areas-large crowd
  • Communicating at a distance-
  • Communicating through a window
  • Communicate while your throat hurts too much to talk
  • Understanding your baby/grandchild’s needs
  • Expanding and challenging your mind
  • Learning a new language
  • Refresh what you already know
  • Communicating privately in public
  • Still communicate while sick or after surgery
  • Communicating with the deaf or hard of hearing
  • You or your family is losing the ability to hear

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You will have 365 days from the date of purchase to complete the course. After that, additional access to this course can be purchased.

6 reviews for Learn ASL in 60 Days Courses 6-10 Level 2

  1. prbychasity (verified owner)

    Love this class! After taking course 1 and 2, I’ve got to ask for another course!!! Please!! Ive learned so much and now my family is starting you want to learn from me!

    • Cynthia Long

      I’m so proud of you taking both levels. Until we get a level 3, keep up with the ASL Word of the Day podcast and our Youtube (ASL Teaching Resources) and hang out with the Deaf. Happy signing!

  2. Kayo Bird (verified owner)

    I feel lucky that I was able to take both Course 1 and 2 live classes. It helps to see signing by different people in person. The courses are fast-paced so it requires a lot of commitment if you want to learn and keep up. The website was sometimes difficult to navigate (it sometimes jumps to a different part of the site instead of where I wanted to go) but it has a lot of resources that are very helpful. Taking Level 2 made me understand more of what I learned in Level 1. I don’t use sign language in my daily life but I hope to keep learning. My most challenging part of signing is facial expression!!

  3. Laurie Thomas

    I have taken both Course 1 and 2 and I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to expand their ASL skills. The videos are great learning tools and add a fun spin to the content. I started the class knowing no ASL, and successfully completed both courses armed with new vocabulary, Deaf culture, ASL grammar, and more.

  4. Crystal Furnier

    Cynthia is an amazing teacher! She provides excellent resources for learning and development. The classes are fast paced but very informative. We’ve taken both courses and feel like we have a really good grasp of ASL so much so that we go to deaf events all the time and are able to converse with members of the deaf community (who are beautiful and amazing people whom we love dearly) relatively comfortably.

  5. Blayke Ashcraft

    I definitely reommend this class to anyone wanting to expand their ASL skills. I had so much fun watching all of the videos and learning all of the new content. This class has taught me so much, not only about new vocabulary, but also about Deaf culture, ASL grammar, and so much more!

  6. Stephanie K

    This class was informative and fun. I have really enjoyed expanding on my knowledge of ASL. The videos are great; you get to see a variety of signers which helps your receptive skills. You get so much more from this course than vocabulary. Highly recommend!!

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