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With ASL Flashcards Classroom Job Charts, you can unleash the power of language and improve classroom management! Embrace the power of sign language with 36 visually appealing work labels that include pictures, written words, and associated ASL signs. Students will thrive in roles ranging from “Line Leader” to “Teacher Helper,” all while learning ASL and gaining essential communication skills. Create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment tailored to your classroom’s needs with 35 editable labels, five personalized name tag styles, and three label headers. Expand your teaching skills and help revolutionize language learning today!


Unlock the power of inclusive learning with ASL Flashcards Classroom Job Charts – where language building meets Classroom Management! This carefully crafted class helper set comprises 72 individual classroom job labels. Thirty-five labels feature a vibrant illustration depicting the job, the written word, and the corresponding ASL sign, thirty-five editable labels, two blank cards, three editable header labels, and five editable name tag designs. These visuals make it easier for students to associate job responsibilities with the corresponding signs and words.

ASL Flashcards Classroom Job Charts Design:

Sign Language Classroom Job include attendance, bathroom, board, book, caboose, calendar, chair, classroom, clean, computer, door, folder, food, help teacher, kindness, lead, library, light, line up, lunch (2), paint, paper, pencil, person, plants, recycle, safety, snack, songs, table, time, trash, water, and weather.

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Why Use Classroom Jobs with Sign Language?

Sign language is renowned for its ability to assist with language building in both hearing and non-hearing individuals. Research has shown that incorporating sign language in educational settings can boost vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and overall communication skills. For hearing students, learning sign language alongside spoken language enhances their understanding of language structures and fosters empathy and inclusivity toward their non-hearing peers.

Using sign language in classroom jobs offers numerous benefits for classroom management. It promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility among the students as they eagerly take on roles like “Line Leader,” “Class Librarian,” or “Door Holder.” The visual aspect of ASL signs helps reinforce the memory of each student’s assigned task, reducing the need for constant verbal reminders. As a result, your classroom becomes more organized and efficient, with students actively engaged in their roles.

Sign language is an invaluable language-building tool, especially in diverse learning environments. Utilizing ASL alongside spoken language can significantly benefit students through:

  • Building community: Sign language can help to build a sense of community in the classroom by creating a more inclusive environment.
  • Classroom management: Sign language can reinforce classroom rules and expectations. ASL can be employed as a non-disruptive way to communicate with students. For instance, using specific signs to indicate transitions, quiet down, or get their attention without interrupting the flow of the lesson.
  • Cognitive Development: Learning sign language exercises the brain, promoting cognitive growth and enhancing overall learning abilities.
  • Enhancing Communication: Sign language provides an additional means of communication, which can be particularly beneficial for students with speech delays, hearing impairments, or those learning English as a second language.
  • Language building: Sign language can help students learn new vocabulary and concepts by visually representing the language.
  • Multisensory Learning: Incorporating sign language engages multiple senses, reinforcing memory retention and aiding in understanding abstract concepts.

Order your ASL Flashcards Classroom Job Charts today and help your students learn sign language, build their vocabulary, and improve classroom management!

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