Sign Language Posters – Division


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Sign Language Posters – Division

Sign Language Posters for Division is a unique and visually clear tool to aid in teaching math concepts.

This ASL Posters Math Division set includes:

  • 1 Poster black and white
  • 1 Poster full-color
  • 4 Mini Posters black and white
  • 4 Mini Posters full-color
  • 9 Student Pocket size black and white
  • 9 Student Pocket size full-color

As educators, we know firsthand how tricky math vocabulary can be for our students- especially using exact math word(s) correctly much less knowing the signs for them.


Using math words can seem like learning a new language!

Students with math disabilities, especially those with English as a second language learner or have language disabilities, will have an especially hard time learning new math words.

While this is true, be reminded that YOU are an important factor in students’ learning. YOU are the one who can make an impact based on the strategies you implement to grow your students’ knowledge of math vocabulary. To help you get started, we have 7 strategies for using the Numeracy Vocabulary Posters with sign language.

7 actionable ways to improve your students’ math vocabulary:

  1. Teach new math chart vocabulary by hanging the poster in your classroom where all the students can reference it.
  2. Show sample problems on the board to reinforce the new concepts taught.
  3. Start with what your students know and build on those with daily practice examples.
  4. Print a smaller version of the ASL Math Posters and tape it on each desk.
  5. Print a version that fits inside of their notebook as a quick reference guide.
  6. Use the black and white version to have the students personalize their own.
  7. Have students write examples of each word on the back of their ASL Math Poster.

These 7 strategies with the Sign Language Math Posters are something you can implement today to begin bridging the gap for all students.

We’ve included 3 BONUSES for you to enjoy:

1. We’ve created this bonus video below for you to see the how-to sign the concepts shown on the Math Posters.

2. And the independent online math practice here.

3. Get the whole set here.

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