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We are giving YOU a Gift for Deaf Awareness!

Deaf Awareness Week comes once a year, like Teacher Appreciation Day. In honor of all you do, we’d like to give you $5 to spend on our website in the GAMES category with this gift for Deaf Awareness month.

You’ll find many Sign Language Games you can incorporate into your classroom. Pick something you would like based on your student’s needs.

How to use your Gift Card

1. The Gift card is good for the GAMES category only.
2. Use at check out: DEAFAWARE
3. Code does not expire.
4. You can share this code with 2 friends.
5. Limit 1 per person.

❤️ ASL Resources You’ll Love ❤️
⭐ 4 Tips for Deaf Awareness Week here.
⭐ Get your Deaf Awareness Posters here.

Get the BEST ASL Teaching Resources to use with your students, hearing/deaf or special needs/autistic. We are honored to support SPED teachers, DHH teachers, Itinerant teachers, Homeschool parents, Speech Pathologists, Daycare directors, and more.

We want YOU to be SUCCESS! Whether you know sign language or not, we take care of that for YOU!

Learn ASL here.

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