Game in Sign Language – Weather Dice


This is a downloadable product. Download the file and print it on your printer.




This Game in Sign Language – Weather Dice set is a downloadable and printable product that can be used in the classroom or at home. This multi-purpose tool can be used to create new games or to improve old favorites. Your students will have a great time learning weather vocabulary while playing this game! This is a fantastic addition to your current Weather Science Unit. 🌩 The Dice game has optional modes of play, including English, Sign Language, and Icons, making it a versatile learning tool.

🌦 Printable Weather Dice Include:

  • 2 ASL dice sets – black and white
  • 2 ASL dice sets – full color
  • 2 English dice sets
  • 2 Images dice set to correspond with the signs/words

Vocabulary for Weather Dice

Cloud, Cold, Forecast, Hot, Ice, Rain, Snow, Storm, Sun, Temperature, Weather, Wind

BONUS! 🌤 Weather Sign Language Video

The Game in Sign Language – Weather Dice set will help children and adults learn ASL while providing a fun activity to increase their Earth Science Weather Unit vocabulary! Watch the video below to learn how to sign the Weather vocabulary, which you and your students will need to thrive in your ASL skill development!

ASL Video Here!

☔️ Dice Game with Sign Language

Gross Motor Game Idea: Take turns rolling the dice. The first person to sign the correct vocabulary 5 times wins!

3 Tips for Using this Dicey Weather Game

  • Print on cardstock.
  • Laminate for longevity.
  • Assemble in advance with glue.


5-Day Weather Challenge

Teach Weather in the Classroom the Fun Way with English and Sign Language. Wondering where to start? This five-part training provides step-by-step guidance and ASL PDF resources to help you succeed.
Learn more here! Weather in the Classroom

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