You can easily teach preschoolers about clouds using these fun and educational activities. From fluffy white cumuli to dark stormy thunderclouds, your young learner(s) can explore the different cloud types, how clouds form, weather forecasting, and more!

Knowing where and how to start teaching your little students can be challenging. That’s why I love to plan around lessons from ASL Teaching Resources. Each mini-lesson comes with a teacher’s guide with more ideas for activities my students and I can do together. This guide makes it easy to jump right in without having to do a lot of planning. In addition, worksheets on the topic and anchor charts with sign language for my bulletin board make my life easier. I almost forgot the best part: each lesson comes with a caregiver’s guide that my students love to take home. Their parents love them, too, because they give them activity ideas they can do to move involved in their child’s education.

You can find this fantastic Clouds weather lesson here.


Sharing what I do in my cloud unit with you makes it a breeze to teach your preschoolers about clouds. In addition, I hope you find some inspiration here. But first, here is something just for you.


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Join us as we help you prepare for teaching weather in your classroom with this 5-day challenge. 
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Read Cloud Books

Reading cloud stories and books to young learners is an excellent method to expose them to the world of clouds. First, form a circle with your preschoolers and read stories about why clouds come and go or about different clouds. Then, as they learn about the beautiful power of clouds, children can engage with the stories on a more personal level by reading aloud! Here are my top two recommended books to add to your library to help teach preschoolers about clouds.

Songs About Clouds

Music has long been seen as a universal language, and the addition of sign language to illustrate what we sing strengthens this view. However, signing and singing go beyond inclusiveness, giving a powerful new dimension to our communication. Here are some of my favorite songs to sing with my preschoolers.

clouds in the sky           


Cloud Thematic Posters

Print, laminate, and hang these weather-themed posters in your classroom. Use these as topic reminders, conversation starters, and so much more.

  • Weather Wall Charts These weather vocabulary anchor charts will help your preschoolers learn vocabulary.
  • Weather Wheel This is perfect for circle-time weather check-ins.
  • Weather Chart Labels These classroom weather charts are simple to use and go with any calendar set for the classroom.

Weather Chart Labels Wall

Inflatable Clouds

Cover your room with white clouds made out of balloons. Blow up several balloons and tie them together to create cloud-like shapes. Then, add multiple-colored balloons to create different-looking clouds.

Create a Cloud Corner

Draw and cut out various kinds of clouds to hang in the corner of the room. Your preschoolers will enjoy pretending to play in the clouds while reading. Last year, I replaced it with a clothesline from which I hung my students’ crafts and coloring pages to create a beautiful background in our classroom.


Teach with Cloud Sensory Bins

Imaginative and sensory play are potent instruments for play-based learning for preschoolers. Luckily, they’ll be too busy playing to notice what they’re learning! However, suppose you want to incorporate more pretend activities into your day. In that case, these play ideas are an excellent place to teach your preschooler about clouds.

clouds sensory bin weather lesson activity


Routines and transitions help young children anticipate what will happen next and give them much control over what they do throughout the day. Routines and transitions, when used successfully, welcome children, connect everyday activities and help young individuals stay engaged. Here are some creative ways to use clouds.

cloud art activity clouds weather lesson blog

  • Cloud Path Print, laminate, and stick cloud illustrations on the floor, creating a path to a common area visited by your preschoolers (i.e., the bathroom, etc.)
  • Sitting in the Clouds. Grab a bedsheet with cloud patterns. Place it on your floor and invite your students to sit among the clouds for circle time or group activities. Make it more magical by hanging white paper lanterns covered in cotton batten with battery-powered lights strung up inside.


Reinforce understanding of clouds with craft activities! When crafting with preschoolers, the sky (or ceiling) is the limit! This project allows kids to explore and use their creativity to learn more about clouds.

cloud weather activity blog


Preschoolers have a natural curiosity that is unmatched in other age groups. Stem activities help you build critical developmental skills in your students. These activities will have you ready to teach preschoolers about clouds!

cloud in a jar ingredients cloud weather lesson activity blog


kid looking at weather freebie

Your students will enjoy classifying and sorting different activities and clothes cards onto weather mats for Sunny, Rainy, and Snowy. Let your student’s creativity and writing skills shine with the weather writing prompts.

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