Free Weather Activity

Grab Your FREE Weather Activity!

You’ve been looking for new creative ways to have fun with your students… Right? Here’s what you get:

  • 3 Weather Mats
    • Rainy, Snowy, Sunny
  • 3 Temperature Gauge Mats
    • Rainy, Snowy, Sunny
  • 24 Sorting cards
    • Clothing and Activities
  • Writing practice worksheets
    • Rainy, Snowy, Sunny
  • Sign Language supported for hearing and deaf children


Watch the video to see what you get.

Sign Language Whole Child Approach to Learning

  • Linguistic intelligence includes signing and speaking, learning one word in two ways.
  • Children can see how language develops through logic-mathematical.
  • Musical; incorporate signs into well-known melodies or rhymes.
  • Body-kinesthetic: Children can see the words or letters as we sign.
  • The child sees the sign take shape in spatial learning.
  • Interpersonal; the child signs with another child, a parent, or a teacher.
  • Intrapersonal learning lets the child sign while reading.


Five reasons to incorporate ASL into your upcoming weather station

1. Forges bonds and connections.
2. Improves spatial cognition.
3. Strengthens the capacity for spotting nonverbal cues.
4. Improve your peripheral vision and reaction time.
5. Long-term cognitive benefits.






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