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Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness, gratitude, and celebration, and the Thanksgiving Sign Language resource is here to enhance that experience for you. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your signing skills, here is your go-to place for a joyful and enriching holiday season. Let’s make this Thanksgiving a celebration of inclusivity, connection, and the beauty of sign language.

Thanksgiving Sign Videos for Vocabulary Success:

Thanksgiving Sign video(s) give you the confidence to know how these vocabulary words are signed. There is no need to look at a paper and figure out how it is supposed to be signed. Instead, look here and sign along with the video for quick success knowing your Thanksgiving Sign Language words. This video(s) shows you how to sign all the words in the flashcard set. It is a part of the Sign Club series.

Learn Thanksgiving Signs Part 1

Learn Thanksgiving Signs Part 2

Thanksgiving Day Flashcards

The ASL Flashcards – Thanksgiving Day is an excellent tool to engage your students and help them learn Thanksgiving vocabulary in Sign Language.

Thanksgiving ASL Resource List

This ASL Thanksgiving Resources List is the perfect way to get lots of links in one place to printable for Thanksgiving fun! Educational games, songs, crafts, Boom cards, and more are perfect for learning and celebrating Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

You’ll love these Thanksgiving Coloring Pages featuring Thanksgiving-themed Signs and writing practice.

Thanksgiving ASL Greeting Cards

Your students will love these Thanksgiving greeting cards, available fully colored or in black and white, so your students can decorate them.

Thanksgiving Dice Game

This fun interactive Games for Sign Language – Thanksgiving Day Dice set is ready to use in your classroom. Your students will love learning their holiday vocabulary with this game!

Fortune Teller Thanksgiving Game

Get hours of fun as you learn sign language with Paper Fortune Teller Game – Thanksgiving Day. Use this game to pumpkin-spice up your student’s vocabulary learning routine! These new and improved designs help kids to learn a sign and give them activities for reinforcement. Is this Thanksgiving Day printable game your fate or fortune?!

Thanksgiving Sign Language Wall Charts

This Wall Chart Book 8 – Signs for Thanksgiving Day will have your students on the way to ASL success by displaying these in the classroom!

Thanksgiving Food ABC Order

Thanksgiving Food ABC Order consists of two fun worksheets designed to help students practice attributes of Language Arts by unscrambling, re-writing vocabulary words, and placing those vocabulary words in ABC order, all while learning sign language.

Thanksgiving Food Scramble

This fun word scramble game is designed to help students recognize letters, improve spelling, and learn sign language with a Thanksgiving theme.

Thanksgiving Food Word Search

Thanksgiving Food Word Search will improve your students’ spelling and word recognition. Search and find these holiday words in English and Fingerspelling. Bonus: Challenge your student to create their word search using their favorite foods.

November Writing Prompts

These November Writing Prompts are designed to improve writing, grammar, and creativity while learning sign language. This set includes 6 different writing prompts.

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts consists of two worksheets designed to help students practice their writing and grammar skills while learning sign language.

Thanksgiving Boom Cards™️

Online Thanksgiving Sign Language vocabulary games are here.

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Thanksgiving Vocabulary Printables Part 1

This Thanksgiving Vocabulary Game – Part 1 is a flashcard set that teaches Thanksgiving-related signs step-by-step. Part 1 of the challenge involves the students saying and learning the signs, followed by matching the words.

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Printables Part 2

This Thanksgiving Vocabulary Game – Part 2 is a flashcard set teaching Thanksgiving-related signs in progression. In part 2, the student will learn each word and its signs, then check their knowledge by reading and writing the word.

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