Weather Activity Worksheets


Weather Activity Worksheets ASL integrates developmental skills with language arts to help your students succeed. This engaging activity can help you examine your student’s comprehension of the weather, with the added benefit of sign language. This is a fantastic project for a Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, or First Grade classroom Science Center.


Weather Activity Worksheets ASL combines developmental skills with language arts to help your students succeed. This fun activity will help you assess your students’ understanding of the weather, with the bonus of sign language. Weather is always a topic that students seem to be interested in, so using that interest to improve skills makes sense. This activity is excellent for a Preschool, pre-K, Kindergarten, or First-Grade classroom Science Center.

🌤 Printable Worksheets

This interactive weather sorting activity allows students to practice fine motor skills. This set includes weather classification cards for rainy, sunny, and snowy conditions. Have your students cut the sorting cards and glue them to the appropriate weather mat. You can also laminate the mats and cards for durability. The cards contain various articles of clothing and activities to be classified for each type of weather.

When people bring up the subject of weather, there is usually not much to say, but weather affects everything; our mood, health, and daily activities. It can be an exciting subject for creative writing. The weather writing prompts will help you recognize your student’s natural ability to describe things. This is one of the first steps in becoming an effective descriptive writer. Using these prompts is a great way to boost retention while also giving them time to recreate what they’ve learned.

☁️ Weather Activity Worksheets Includes:

  • Classification Activity
    • Rainy, Sunny, and Snowy mats
    • Weather icon
    • Temperature gauge with weather icon
    • Sign Language vocabulary
  • 24 Sorting Cards
    • 12 weather clothing
    • 12 weather activities
  • Creative writing prompts
    • When it is rainy…
    • When it is sunny…
    • When it is snowy…

Weather and Climate Activity is Perfect for:

☀️ Centers
⛈ Arrival time/morning work
🌤 Hands-on activity

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