Who is Teaching Sight Words in ASL for?

Those who work with children using sign language: elementary teachers, special needs adults, Autism, homeschool, speech pathologist, daycares, etc.

Description of Sight Word Training:

Seasoned teachers will be sharing teaching activities, techniques, and resources for working with special education students learning sight words.

What you will learn:
√ Explain where you can find resources that are specialized for working with children.
√ Show how to implement the sight words lessons
√ Guide you on how to be successful whether you know sign or not
√ Demonstrate tools for teaching online or in person
√ Amazing and unique tips for teaching sight words with ASL

Format:  View and learn from real-life situations in the classroom with the use of the Internet.  No books are required. You’ll need to be able to download PDFs.

Instructor:  Cynthia Long, Nationally Certified Interpreter for the Deaf and founder.

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