Sign Language Posters Addition


  • Addition math vocabulary reference poster set.
  • Sign Language Integration.
  • Unlock 7 powerful strategies to boost your students’ math vocabulary.

Hang these posters in your classroom, showcase sample problems on the board, and watch your students flourish!


Sign Language Posters Addition is a unique visual tool to teach addition math concepts.

Sign Language Posters Addition Include:

  • 1 Poster black and white
  • 1 Poster full-color
  • 4 Mini Posters black and white
  • 4 Mini Posters full-color
  • 9 Student Pocket size black and white
  • 9 Student Pocket size full-color
  • Addition vocabulary
  • Sample addition problems
  • Sign Language

Math Operations Poster Bundle Here

Using math words can seem like learning a new language!

As educators, we know firsthand how tricky math vocabulary can be for our students- especially using exact math word(s) correctly, much less knowing the signs for them. Students with math disabilities, especially those with English as a second language learners or who have language disabilities, will have a tough time learning new math words.

While this is true, be reminded that YOU are an essential factor in students’ learning. YOU are the one who can make an impact based on the strategies you implement to grow your students’ knowledge of math vocabulary. To help you get started, we have seven strategies for using the Numeracy Vocabulary Posters with Sign Language.

7 Proven Approaches to Elevate Your Students’ Math Addition Vocabulary:

  1. Strategically Display: Elevate math vocabulary by prominently displaying the posters in your classroom, ensuring easy reference for all students.
  2. Visual Reinforcement: Reinforce newly introduced concepts by illustrating sample problems on the board.
  3. Build on Familiar Ground: Commence teaching with concepts your students already understand, then progressively introduce more complex terms through daily practice exercises.
  4. Desk References: Provide ASL Addition Mini Posters, which students can tape onto their desks for convenient access.
  5. Notebook Aids: Offer pocket-size cards that fit inside students’ notebooks, serving as handy, on-the-go reference guides.
  6. Personalization Opportunity: Encourage students to personalize their posters using the black and white versions.
  7. Active Engagement: Foster active learning by having students write examples for each term on the reverse side of their ASL Addition Posters.

By implementing these seven effective strategies with the Sign Language Posters Addition, you can kickstart closing the knowledge gap for all your students.

Check out the Addition Flashcards Bundle here!

Math Operations ASL Vocabulary

Watch the video below to see the how-to sign the concepts shown on the Sign Language Math Posters set.


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