Math ASL Flashcards Addition 0-12


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Math ASL Flashcards Addition 0-12

These Math ASL Flashcards are a great way to learn addition with Sign Language reinforcement. Use it in your classroom for group and individual practice or as a take-home practice. Download and print these to help your children learn basic math facts.


What’s included?

  • This set contains 156 cards, plus 15 blank cards. With two sets of cards for each set of facts.
    • First set- facts only
    • Second set – answer key
  • There are two sets of cards for each set of facts, the first set contains only the facts, while the second contains the answers.


How to use the Math ASL Flashcards:

  1. Print on cardstock paper and laminate for longer endurance.
  2. Print the flashcards as two-sided, so that the fact is on one side and the answer is on the other.
  3. Alternatively, you can print all the flashcards on separate sheets, stick the sheets together, then cut them to size.
  4. Use the answer flashcards and the fact flashcards separately to play games like pairs, or…
  5. Use the answer side only and have the kids write facts to equal the answer. On the answer side, practice writing in word form for the answer shown. Then, sign the facts and ask the students to answer in sign language.


3 ways how these flashcards can benefit students:

  1. Learns how to do basic addition
  2. Challenges critical thinking and memory
  3. Improves sign language skills


Learn how to sign numbers 1-25 here.

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