2D Shapes Flashcards


Elevate Your Vocabulary with Shapes Flashcards: A Multisensory Learning Adventure!

  • 12 Shapes signs
  • English, Spanish, & Sign Language
  • Picture cards
  • With and without printed text
  • Colored and black-and-white versions

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Welcome to the exciting world of Printable Shapes Flashcards, where learning shapes is a breeze while delving into the art of Sign Language. These trilingual flashcards feature 12 common 2D shapes and icons and offer an excellent opportunity to enhance your shape recognition skills, which, in turn, can significantly boost your vocabulary and math skills.

These flashcards aren’t just educational tools; they’re designed to make learning enjoyable. Each card showcases a beautifully illustrated shape and corresponding sign in American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish. This unique combination enhances your shape recognition and adds a new dimension to your learners’ language abilities.


Printable Shapes Flashcards

  • 12 Shapes
  • English, Spanish, & Sign Language
  • Picture cards
  • With and without printed text
  • Colored and black-and-white versions
  • 18 Pages (216 cards total)


Shapes Vocabulary Words

  • circle
  • hexagon
  • octagon
  • oval
  • parallelogram
  • pentagon
  • rectangle
  • rhombus
  • square
  • star
  • trapezoid
  • triangle
  • 2D Shapes Flashcards

    Understanding shapes is not just about geometry; it’s also about expanding your vocabulary and improving your math skills. Shapes are the building blocks of our visual world, and by visualizing and recognizing them, you can strengthen student’s cognitive skills. This cognitive exercise goes a long way toward improving understanding of concepts and solving problems, making it beneficial for learners of all ages.

    What sets the trilingual Printable Shapes Flashcards apart is their flexibility. You can choose your difficulty level, making them suitable for beginners and advanced learners. If you’re starting, opt for the icons or sign flashcards with English/Spanish hints for extra guidance. If you feel confident, select the version without hints to challenge and enhance learners’ problem-solving abilities.

    Everyone has a different learning style, so these flashcards are available in colored and black-and-white versions. Whether you prefer the vibrancy of colors or the simplicity of black and white, these shape flashcards cater to your learners’ preferences.

    Learning shapes doesn’t have to be dull and one-dimensional. With Printable Shapes Flashcards, you’ll improve student’s shape recognition, enrich their vocabulary, and sharpen their math skills. This makes them an ideal educational tool for parents, teachers, and learners of all levels, offering a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience.

    Shapes Flashcards Benefits

    • Vocabulary enhancement
    • Accommodate different learning styles
    • Inclusive learning levels
    • Boost memory retention
    • Connect vocabulary to real-world concepts
    • Improve fine motor skills
    • Learn Sign Language
    • Learn Spanish

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