2D Shapes Attributes Posters


🌟 Explore 2D Shapes with Sign Language Signs! 🌟

Brighten up your classroom with our colorful 2D Shapes Sides and Vertices Posters! They feature cute faces, shape icons, and American Sign Language and Spanish for each shape. It is ideal for all learners and improves shape recognition, vocabulary, and inclusivity. Grab your set now for home or classroom use! 🎨📐🏫


Unlock the magic of 2D Shapes Attributes Posters! These captivating and colorful posters showcase ASL signs for each shape alongside essential attributes like sides, vertices, and lines. Prepare to brighten your classroom with these colorful posters featuring cute faces and icons. These posters are perfect for enhancing shape recognition, building vocabulary, and even learning American Sign Language and Spanish at home or in the classroom.

2D Shape Recognition

Designed for learners of all styles, these posters provide an inclusive learning experience. They come in color and black-and-white sets, allowing students to add their artistic touch by coloring as they learn about each shape. With a sense of accomplishment, they can proudly display their personalized-shaped posters at home.

2D Shape with Attributes

  • Circle
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Oval
  • Parallelogram
  • Pentagon
  • Rectangle
  • Rhombus
  • Square
  • Star
  • Trapezoid
  • Triangle

You can find me in the Classroom Sign Language Bundle!

Advantages of Using Trilingual Shape Posters

  1. Improve shape recognition.
  2. Learn shape properties.
  3. Build vocabulary while learning ASL and Spanish.
  4. Colorful and captivating visuals keep learners’ attention.

Embrace the world of two-dimensional shapes and watch as your students’ curiosity and understanding flourish. Get your 2D Shapes Attributes Posters now and open the door to a world of fun, learning, and creativity!

Common Core for 2D Shape Posters:


Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size.


Analyze and compare two- and three-dimensional shapes, in different sizes and orientations, using informal language to describe their similarities, differences, parts (e.g., number of sides and vertices/“corners”) and other attributes (e.g., having sides of equal length).

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