Paper Fortune Teller Game – Weather


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In this Paper Fortune Teller Game – Weather 🌧, get hours of fun as you learn sign language. Use this to enhance your student’s vocabulary learning routine! These new and improved designs help kids to learn a sign and give them activities for reinforcement. Is this Weather Fortune Teller game going to hand you your fate of signing a word or your fortune by giving you an activity to complete?!

This ☀️ Paper Fortune Teller Game (AKA: Cootie Catcher) set includes:

  • Directions page
  • How to fold the paper video
  • 3 full-colored pages
  • 3 black/white pages

This Paper Fortune Teller Game – Weather printable game is a fun origami craft, in full color and black and white! Your students will have the option to color with the black and white version! This clever paper fortune teller (AKA cootie catcher) provides a unique way to reinforce sign language. Which sign or activity do you think you will get?

🌥 Weather Vocabulary Words included:

Cloud, Cold, Forecast, Hot, Ice, Rain, Snow, Storm, Sun, Temperature, Weather, Wind

BONUS! 🌤 ASL Weather Sign Video

Want to learn how to sign your Weather Sign Language Vocabulary?

ASL Video Here!

👉 ASL in the Classroom Blogs here.

🌡 Collect More Weather Fun here!

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