“I Love You” Hand Iron-on Patch (DIY)


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Embroidered “I love you” sign language hand sew on or iron-on Patch DIY kit.
These patches are made so you can sew it on something if you prefer not to use it as an iron-on.

Product information:
One 2″ tall X 2.5″ wide

Patch adheres to cotton or cotton/poly fabrics. All sales final.

How to apply your ASL “I love you” patch.
Please read thoroughly as not to damage the patch or your item of
application as these patches are non-refundable.

Step 1
Pre-wash all materials without fabric softeners.

Step 2
Preheat iron to “cotton”, no steam, 400 degrees. Set up a non-padded ironing surface.

Step 3
2 options: Sew the patch onto your material or prepare your patch for making it into an iron on.
Iron on: trim closely around edges. A black sharpie can be used around edges to cover up any areas showing
a lighter color. Use fabric glue to seal the edges.

Step 4
Peel off one side of the iron on paper liner. Place the patch on it, embroidery facing up. Place a lightweight
cloth over patch.

Step 5
Press iron with a firm, even pressure (do not wiggle) for 15-30 seconds on each section until entire area is
bonded. Additional time may be needed based on thickness of material. Let area cool to room temperature.
Next, peel the paper off your newly made iron-on patch and iron on to your material.

Additional information:
To clean your patch, hand wash only. Air dry only. If a patch becomes loose, repeat step 4. For some material, you may find it helpful to lay a heavy weight on the patch immediately after ironing.

Patches adhere to cotton or cotton/poly fabrics. Do NOT apply to rayon, nylon or triacetate fabrics or any fabric that is heat sensitive.

Hand wash only.

Option: If you can not iron on an object, use fabric glue to adhere patch.

Note from a customer: I was afraid I’d mess up the DIY iron-on but it worked out really well! 🙂 thank you!

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All sales final. Downloadable directions will also be sent in your purchase confirmation email.


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