Sign Language Father’s Day Cards

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With this fun and engaging activity, your students can make heartfelt Father’s Day cards that will be treasured by dads everywhere.



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Go no further than this excellent card set if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make Father’s Day special for your students. With three different blank designs to choose from, your kids will have a great time producing one-of-a-kind cards that express their love for their fathers in their unique way.

The use of sign language is what distinguishes these Father’s Day cards. These are available in both colored and black-and-white versions, making them an excellent tool for teaching your students about this important form of communication. Simply print the cards in “landscape” format on heavy cardstock, fold them in half, and allow your kids to express themselves. With this fun and engaging project, your students can create meaningful Father’s Day cards that dads everywhere will appreciate.

Sign Language Father’s Day Cards include:

  • Colored blank cards
    • Dad, you are the best.
    • Love U Dad – Light Skin
    • Love U Das – Dark Skin
  • Black and white blank cards
    • Dad, you are the best. (Bold text.)
    • Dad, you are the best.
    • Love U Dad

Ideas for decorating Dad’s cards:

  1. Draw something you like to do with your dad.
  2. Make a portrait of your dad.
  3. Write three things you love about your dad.
  4. Write or draw why you think your dad is special.

Make a paper envelope here.

Here’s an ASL video for DAD.

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