Water Bottle Labels Back to School


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How do you make back-to-school special? To get your students excited, give them each a personalized water bottle. You will love these Water Bottle Labels Back to School; the designs will liven up your classroom. Have some fun with these simple-to-use editable bottle labels.

Gifts for First Day of School

Begin the school year in style with these printable bottle labels that make a great inexpensive student gift.

Find many uses for these motivational labels for all grade levels for your special events: back-to-school, Meet the Teacher, Open House, and more.

These editable labels measure 7.75” x 1.5“, designed to fit standard 16-20 -ounce water bottles. Its inclusion with sign language will be a warm greeting for diverse students. These editable labels will be the uniqueness you have been looking for and get your year started on the right track.

Water Bottle Label Designs include:

  • Grades 1-12
  • Editable
  • Full color
  • Black and white
  • 4 Welcome Slogans:
    • Let the new year begin!
    • Hip Hip Hooray! Welcome to
    • It’s going to be a great year!
    • Get ready for a colorful year!

How to Label Water Bottles for School:

Step 1: Print water bottle labels
Step 2: Cut
Step 3: Laminate
Step 4: Tape to bottles

Motivating your students has never been easier with these inclusive sign language back-to-school water bottle labels. Let’s get you started saving time in creating a welcoming environment for your students, even on a budget. Get your labels today!

Combine your labeled water bottles with these Student Award Certificates to make your students proud of their work that day. Use on a daily or weekly basis can encourage them to earn more achievement certificates at work. Toss in a silly straw and a flavored powered drink packet. Pair them with candy or chips for a quick snack.

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