Game Playing Cards – The ASL Series


The Game Playing Cards – ASL series will elevate your game night! This interactive game uses 52 ASL cards. The color-coded cards can be used to play traditional and ASL-specific games. Printable Sign Language Card Games are enjoyable and teach American Sign Language. Order your playing cards today to learn ASL in a fun and engaging way!


So why settle for ordinary playing cards when you have Game Playing Cards – The ASL Series? So get your hands on this fascinating series and take your game time to new heights!

The ASL Game Playing Cards are the ideal complement to your Sign Club or any game time! Each of these one-of-a-kind collections includes a 52-card printable deck with Wild, Skip, and Reverse cards that each feature a different ASL sign.

These printable playing cards are color-coded for easy visual recognition, allowing players to identify and grasp the signs written on each card rapidly. They were designed with kids in mind. These cards are ideal for all levels of signers, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned signer.

These cards are not only entertaining to play but also quite adaptable. You can play by numbers, colors, signs, or classic card games, providing hours of enjoyment for your next Sign Club meeting, ASL class, or your next family game night. In addition, you may ensure the lifespan of these printable sign language playing cards by printing and laminating them.

Sign Language Playing Card Game

Each ASL Playing Card features a unique sign and is color-coded. Each themed deck includes:

  • Themed 52-card deck
  • Wild cards
  • Skip cards
  • Reverse cards

As an added bonus, the corresponding flashcards can be used as a guide for learning the signs in each deck.

With our Game Playing Cards – The ASL collection, you can have fun while learning sign language. Place your order now and begin studying while having fun!

ASL Playing Cards Sign and Game Videos here. 

9 ASL game ideas to get you started:

  1. Draw and Sign – Each player draws from the deck and must be able to sign what’s on the card to keep it.
  2. Number Signing – Each player signs the image on the card, repeating it based on the number displayed.
  3. Sign Charades – Play charades with the signs.
  4. Matching – Lay the corresponding flashcards on a table to be the first to stack a set of 4 for 2, 4, or 6 of the signs. Sign “FINISH” when done.
  5. Slap and Sign – Players alternate, laying down a card. When the “slap” card appears, slap the card and sign it first.
  6. Sentence Creation – Whenever you win a game, pick a card and create a sentence to sign.
  7. Sign Only – When playing games, use only signs or fingerspelling to communicate.
  8. Color Matching – For young children, use the borders for color matching.
  9. Joker Laughs – Fun idea: when the Joker is found, everyone laughs for 30 seconds.


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