Sign Language Game Ideas

Sign language games are also on our YouTube page. Sign Videos gives you the confidence to know how these vocabulary words are signed. Just take a look here and sign along with the video for quick success in knowing sign language words.

Sign Language Game Ideas

This video(s) shows you how to play the jellybean game. It is a part of the Sign Club series.

ASL Playing Cards

The Game Playing Cards – ASL series will elevate your game night! This interactive game uses 52 ASL cards. The color-coded cards can be used to play traditional and ASL-specific games. Printable Sign Language Card Games are enjoyable and teach American Sign Language. Order your playing cards today to learn ASL in a fun and engaging way!

Playing Cards Vocabulary in ASL and Game Ideas

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Teaching with Games

Sign language game ideas are great ways to learn and remember new signs for all learners. Some games can be played and enjoyed with everyone for hours of FUN!

ASL Games- Dominos

Playing Dominoes can help a new learner in learning numbers and signs. Playing dominoes does not require a high level of thinking and concentration; it can also help players practice the skills of visual scanning, matching, and planning. Dominos has the goal of teaching and reinforcing the use of sign language for children. Print on cardstock and laminate. See directions on how to play this game here.

ASL Game Clothes Ladders & Slides Games

This interactive game uses the “clothes” theme with the goal of teaching and reinforcing the use of sign language for children. There are many math words/concepts that children need to understand. This game enables children to use and understand these terms: forward, backward, before, after, next, which way. It’s Fast & Fun! When you make your own shortened version of this game, it takes no time to play. You can find lots more fun ideas using sign language with games, crafts, songs, and more in the Sign Club for kids.


Sign Language Fortune Teller Games

Sign language games ideas give you hours of fun as you learn sign language with Paper Fortune Teller Game These new and improved designs help kids to learn a sign and give them activities for reinforcement. More Game and Activities Here 

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