Daily Routines in ASL – Sample

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Communication revolution! Daily Visual Schedule Routines in ASL is an extensive resource for nonverbal or autistic youngsters. Communication Visual Schedule Cards with pictures and ASL signs for everyday activities assist in constructing visual timetables. Customize and apply these schedules digitally. The framework allows all children, including nonverbal ones, to follow daily routines and communicate their needs, building confidence. Structure gives youngsters control. These visual plans, which include “Sign Language I Love You Hands,” “Cars,” and “Rainbows,” are excellent for educators and parents.



Start communicating right away with Daily Routines in ASL – Sample – it’s a LIFESAVER with everything you need all in one place!

Do you want to use picture exchange as a more reliable communication system for nonverbal children in your home or classroom? You must have this collection!

Use these Communication Visual Schedule Cards to enhance communication skills for nonverbal children! Complete with pictures and ASL illustrations for day-to-day activities that can be used for their daily picture schedules. These picture visual schedules are easy to set up and ready to be used. The full set is also EDITABLE and can be used digitally anytime!

BEHAVIORAL GAME CHANGER: Great for all children to learn how to create and follow a daily schedule. Children will be able to express themselves to communicate their wants and needs, which will, in turn, help them to communicate effectively and build their confidence. Bonus: creates a structured environment that they can feel in control of! A must-have for teachers and parents.

Included in Communication Visual Schedule Cards Sample:

  • 6 Cards with pictures and sign language illustrations in full color
  • Unique and fun borders
  • Morning Schedule Template
  • Evening Schedule Template
  • Completion check-off visuals

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3 Versions for a Visual Daily Schedule Board

These printable day schedules come in different designs to choose from for kids to enjoy the bright colors and illustrations:

  • Sign Language I Love You Hands 🤟🏽
  • Cars 🚗
  • Rainbows 🌈

Special Education Printable Day Schedules are used by:

  • Parents
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Self-contained teachers with students who have disabilities
  • Service providers who need to address behaviors and social skills
  • Speech Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • And YOU! : )

Use these Printable Day Schedules for:

  • Strong visual learner
  • Deaf/Hard of hearing
  • Special needs
  • Autistic children
  • ADHD
  • Hyperlexia
  • Non-readers

How to Use the Sample Daily Routine Schedules:

  • Print out your desired schedule template
  • Cut out visual communication cards
  • Laminate schedule and cards
  • Use Velcro to attach cards to schedules
  • As the child(ren) goes through the daily schedule, they can move schedule cards to the All-done section once the task or subject has been completed.
  • As the child(ren) completes each task on the To-Do schedule, they can mark it done with the included completion markers.
  • Can also be used digitally by editing the PDF file on your computer.

Daily Routines in ASL – Sample Includes the following visuals:

Youngsters prefer to interact with real pictures rather than abstract icons, especially when developing a meaningful communication system. This is for you if you want something with real, concrete images with sign language!

  • All Done
  • Bathroom
  • Bed/Sleep
  • Break
  • Breakfast (ASL)
  • Breakfast (English)

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10 Benefits of Communication Visual Schedule Cards:

  • Provides predictability to the day
  • Makes transitions easier
  • Allows changes to be introduced easily
  • Can reduce anxiety
  • Support literacy and numeracy development
  • Teaches responsibility and planning
  • Provides independence
  • Builds Self-esteem
  • Teaches time concepts & sequencing
  • Encourages sign language as an alternative form of communication

Get started with using this picture communication system now to improve children’s skills, sign language, and behavior!

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