Class Rules and Expectations Posters ASL


Sign Language Class Rules and Expectations Posters will make your classroom colorful and inclusive! This lovely set of 10 colorful posters includes Sign Language signs, written expectations, and cute pictures to interest young learners. From “please” and “thank you” to “listen” and “respect,” the vocabulary teaches students courtesy and kindness. This unique product includes Word Wall Posters with illustrations or signs to accommodate all learning styles. Using sign language in the classroom can help students interact with one another, learn new concepts, and feel more included.


These vibrant and inclusive Class Rules and Expectations Posters with Sign Language are the perfect addition to your teaching toolkit to create a welcoming and harmonious learning environment for all.

Every child’s unique learning style is valued in our classrooms, and inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. These 10 eye-catching posters have colorful backgrounds, delightful illustrations, and written expectations. But that’s not all! We’ve gone the extra mile by incorporating Sign Language signs, making it easier for our little ones to communicate effectively and fostering a sense of unity.

Class Rules Visuals

  • 10 Rules and Expectations
    • Colorful backgrounds
    • Sign Language signs
    • Written expectations
    • Cute illustrations
  • Word Wall Posters
    • Words and Illustrations
    • Words and Signs

I’m included in the Classroom Sign Language Bundle!

Rules and Expectations Word Wall

The Classroom Word Wall Posters are here to enrich vocabulary and comprehension. Each poster features words and engaging illustrations, enhancing memory retention and making learning an exciting adventure. Additionally, we’ve included Word and Signs posters, encouraging active participation and reinforcing the connection between signs and their meanings. By acquiring these expressions, students can engage effectively with their peers and lay the groundwork for a lifetime of courtesy and empathy.

Essential class rules vocabulary:

  • excuse me
  • listen
  • nice
  • patient
  • pay attention
  • please
  • thank you
  • you’re welcome
  • quiet
  • respect
  • share
  • sorry

Sign Language and Classroom Management

Imagine the joy on your student’s faces as they discover the power of Sign Language. By using these signs, children build essential communication skills and develop empathy and respect for others. The benefits extend beyond language development; they can even assist with classroom management by providing an alternative way to convey important messages without disruption.

This is a downloadable product. Download the file and print it on your printer.

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