Christmas Flashcards Part 2


Light Up Your Holiday Vocabulary with Christmas Flashcards: A Multisensory Learning Adventure in English and Sign Language!

  • 12 Christmas signs
  • English and Sign Language
  • Picture cards
  • With and without printed text
  • Colored and black-and-white versions

Complete your holiday set with Christmas Flashcards Part 1 here!

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It’s a time of joy, togetherness, and the thrill of gift-giving. In the spirit of spreading holiday cheer, we bring you to the second part of the Christmas Flashcards series. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or just someone eager to discover the season’s delights, these flashcards are designed to make this festive season a vocabulary adventure for learners of all ages and abilities.

Christmas Flashcards (Part 2) is a treasure trove of holiday vocabulary featuring twelve beautifully designed flashcards that capture the essence of this magical season. Each card presents both English words and their corresponding Sign Language signs, ensuring everyone can join the holiday spirit, regardless of their communication preferences.


Christmas Flashcards:

  • English and Sign Language
  • With and without printed text
  • Colored and black-and-white versions
  • 12 Christmas signs
  • Christmas picture cards
  • QR Code to Holiday signing videos


Christmas Vocabulary Words

  • bell
  • cookie
  • elf
  • fire
  • Mrs. Claus
  • night
  • peace
  • shopping
  • sleigh
  • star
  • stockings
  • toys

  • ASL Flashcard BONUS!

    You also get a QR code on the printable flashcards to give you a video link to see each word signed.

    • Focus your phone’s camera on the QR code.
    • Do not take a picture. Instead, notice a pop-up.
    • Click on that link to open the video.

    Printable Christmas Flashcards

    Every learner is unique, so Christmas Flashcards (Part 2) comes in two versions to cater to individual preferences. The flashcards boast vibrant colors, embracing the festive atmosphere with rich and vivid visuals. On the other hand, the black-and-white version offers a more classic, elegant style that’s perfect for those who appreciate simplicity.

    All students have their own pace and comfort zone when acquiring new skills. That’s why Christmas Flashcards (Part 2) offers you the choice of flashcards with hints or without, allowing you to tailor the learning experience to meet the specific needs and abilities of your students.

    At its core, Christmas is about unity and sharing, and learning should be no different. Christmas Flashcards (Part 2) has been thoughtfully crafted to accommodate various learning styles. Whether you’re a visual learner who revels in vibrant images, an auditory learner who appreciates the spoken and signed words, or a kinesthetic learner who enjoys the hands-on experience, these flashcards have got you covered.

    To truly immerse yourself in the spirit of the season, don’t forget to complete your collection with Christmas Flashcards (Part 1). Part 1 takes you through the basics of Christmas vocabulary, setting the foundation for a comprehensive holiday language experience when paired with Part 2.

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