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Are you studying the weather in science? If so, your students will love this entertaining word search!! The ASL Weather Word Search Game is a ready-to-use resource for your classroom that requires no preparation.

Put your ASL knowledge and skills to the test with the Weather vocabulary worksheets! Perfect for teaching, reviewing, and practicing Earth Science Weather vocabulary in a friendly ELL, ESL, or Sign Club setting! Weather Word Search is an activity for homework, time fillers, review, or independent work.

The ASL Weather Word Search Game is a game that all students and teachers alike will love and feel challenged. Want more of a challenge? Turn this into an interactive game with Search & Find! Start with searching for each word and then relay around the room to find the items or be the first to draw the vocabulary word on the board. The first to complete the whole task wins! Make this game more challenging by creating an obstacle course that your students must run through between each item they find. Let the games begin!

🌦 Weather Word Search Includes:

  • 3 Styles to choose from:
    • English
    • Fingerspelling
    • Fingerspelling with English
  • Two levels of challenge
  • Answer keys

❄️12 Weather Vocabulary Included:

Cloud, Cold, Forecast, Hot, Ice, Rain, Snow, Storm, Sun, Temperature, Weather, Wind

BONUS! ☔️ ASL Weather Sign Video

 View the Weather signs:

ASL Video Here!

👉 ASL in the Classroom Blogs here.

🌡 Collect More Weather Fun here!

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