Hand Shape: starts with C and changes to S
Location: chest area
Tip: like milking a cow
Action: With dominant hand, your “C” hand shape closes to an “S” twice.

This is a wonderful sign to teach because you will soon see your baby sign the word milk. So if you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, each feeding time you say the word milk while signing it. “Are you ready to drink your milk? Would you like some milk?” So use that sign each time you say the word milk.

How early should you start this sign?

This is one of the first signs you will begin to teach your infant. You can begin as early as you want. I recommend starting at least by 4-5 months old, but there is never a cut-off age. Use it with each feeding, really use the sign each and ever time you say the word milk.

Can I use “milk” for other words when feeding my baby?

Many parents use this sign interchangeably to also represent bottle, breastfeed or drink. There are different signs for those words, but when you are working with a baby, keep it simple and use the sign for milk to represent bottle/milk feeding time. I would suggest to use the sign eat for when you introduce solid food. You will be so glad you taught your baby this sign when the day comes where she ask for something to drink in sign language without grunting and using the give-me gesture. How proud you will be that you’re baby is communicating with you his/her needs. What are you waiting for? Start teaching your baby to sign today.

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