Weather Vocabulary Game – Part 2


Dive deeper into the world of weather with the Weather Vocabulary Game – Part 2. This printable flashcard set offers a progressive learning experience, easily guiding students through Weather-related signs. Immerse yourself in each word and its corresponding sign, then put your knowledge to the test with self-check activities involving reading and writing. With 74 full-color flashcards available in two sizes – 37 small cards and 37 large cards. English and Sign Language are both included, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey. As a delightful bonus, Google Slides are included, adding an interactive element that students will enjoy every time they play. Discover 12 essential weather words. By engaging with this Weather Vocabulary Game, students will identify different weather vocabulary and develop valuable sign language skills while enhancing memory and cognitive abilities. For the ultimate learning experience, we recommend getting both sets and unlocking the full potential of weather education.


This Weather Vocabulary Game – Part 2 is a flashcard set teaching Weather-related signs in progression. 🌦 In Part 1 (link below), the students are challenged by saying and learning the signs and then matching the word. In Part 2, the student will learn each word and its signs, then self-check their knowledge by reading and writing the word. We recommend getting both sets for the maximum learning experience.

What’s included in your Weather 🌡 printable flashcards:

  • Full-color PDF Printable
  • English and Sign Language
  • 74 flashcards with 2 sizes to choose from
    • 37 small cards
    • 37 large cards
  • Answer key

👉 Bonus! Google Slides included! Your students will love it every time they get to play.

12 words in English and Sign Language:

Cloud, Cold, Forecast, Hot, Ice, Rain, Snow, Storm, Sun, Temperature, Weather, Wind


🌦 3 Ways This Weather Vocabulary Game will benefit students:

  • Learn to identify different sign language vocabulary
  • Improve sign language skills
  • Improve memory and cognitive skills


Find more Weather Vocabulary:

Part 1 Weather Vocabulary Game here.


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