Valentine ASL Bingo


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Collect the Entire Series: English ~ Fingerspelling ~ Pictures ~ Signs.

Each set includes 12 player cards.  Each card number matches across the series so you can use cards from any set to accommodate a variety of ages or levels of sign knowledge. QR Code to Valentine signs. Get all 4 sets in one book here.

Directions: Provide each student with a bingo card and tokens. Call out a word, sign, or fingerspell from the calling card. Students that have the matching word can cover the square with a token. Once a student has four squares in a row covered (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) they may call out “BINGO”. The first student to reach Bingo wins. Continue to play for second and third place or start over. NOTE: Each set in the series has 12 cards. Each card number matches across the series so you can mix up the series for a variety of fun.

Get the Baby Unicorn Valentine Cards.

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English, Sign, Pictures, Fingerspelling

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