Sign Language Flashcards – Colors


Color Sign Language Flashcards are a fantastic tool for engaging and teaching your kids. Perhaps the best thing about them is how versatile they are! Stick them to walls or objects, or use them as flashcards. These sign language flashcards are intended to help children learn ASL while providing an activity for reinforcement.


Sign Language Flashcards – Colors

The Sign Language Flashcards for colors are an excellent tool to get your students engaged and learning. Perhaps the best thing about them is the unlimited ways you can use them!  Download the file and print it on your own printer. Adjust the size to meet your needs. Post to walls, objects, or use as flashcards.

These sign language flashcards are designed to help children learn ASL, and it gives them activity for reinforcement.

ASL Flashcards include:

Black, Brown, Blue, Color, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Red, Yellow

ASL Flashcard BONUS!

You also get a QR code on the printable flashcards to give you a video link to see each word signed.

  1. Focus your smartphone’s camera on the QR code.
  2. Do not take a picture. Instead, notice a pop-up.
  3. Click on that link to open the video.


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Our Best Ideas for Using ASL Flashcards

Making your lesson fun and exciting gives your students a chance to enjoy themselves as they learn using sign language flashcards.  These activities focus on adding fun and excitement to using flashcards to teach and review vocabulary.  Once your students have learned the activity, you can play it time and time again.

  1. Memory: You need 2 sets of flashcards for this game.  Place both sets face down on the floor.  Students take turns turning over 2 cards (saying the cards aloud).  If the cards match, then the student keeps the cards.  If the cards are different, the cards are turned back over again to their original places.  The student with the most pairs at the end of the game is the winner.
  2. Charades: Have a student come to the front of the class and show a flashcard to that student.  The student then signs that word to the rest of the class, and the first student to guess what it is can be the next player.  Variation: divide the class into teams – the first student to guess wins a point for his/her team.
  3. Pictionary: Good for reviewing vocab.  Pick a student and show him/her a flashcard picture or whisper a word into his/her ear.  The student draws the picture on the board, and the first student in the class to guess the picture gets to draw the next picture.  This can also be played in teams with a point system.
  4. Fingerspell: Sit your students in a circle with a person in the middle.  With their eyes closed, that person spins around pointing, and where he/she stops, the person that is pointed to signs the flashcard and fingerspells the word.  This builds receptive skills.
  5. Basketball: Students take a shot at the trash can/box/etc.  First, show a flashcard to Student 1.  If s/he answers correctly, then s/he can have a shot at the basket.  If the student gets the ball in the basket, then s/he wins 2 points.  If the student hits the basket without going inside, then s/he wins 1 point.  The person who gets the most points is the winner.  This can also be played in teams.
  6. Relay: Before this game, you need to have the students in two teams lined up in parallel lines.  Have one person at the front of the room pick a flashcard. After they sign it, the first student in each line races to ring the bell and give the correct word to match the sign.



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