Math Subtraction – Equations of 4


This is a downloadable product. Download the file and print on your own printer.


Math Subtraction – Equations of 4

These Math Subtraction Equations of 4 flashcards bundle contain single equations for numbers 1-10 using English and Sign Language. Your students will enjoy hours of independent learning that improves their knowledge of both languages as a result. This PDF file can be downloaded and printed on your own printer. For longevity, print on card stock and laminate.

These math subtraction flashcards bundle include:

  • Subtraction Equations of 1 to 10
  • All 10 decks printed in full-color
  • 2 sizes to choose from
    • Small cards
    • Large cards
  • Answer key

5 ways Math flashcards help in students’ learning:

  1. Learn subtraction in an engaging and fun way
  2. Learn subtraction using sign language
  3. Encourage the love of numbers
  4. Improve motor skills and critical thinking
  5. Improve hand-to-eye coordination

3 Bonuses for using this Sign Language for Math:

  1. This subtraction video gives you a peek at the Math ASL resources. Click here to watch!
  2. You can get the online version in our Boom Card store here (not included in memberships).
  3. ASL Math Posters can be used to reinforce student’s retention of math content. Access here.


Teaching Subtraction with Sign Language

The concept of subtraction can be explained to students by visualizing it as adding or bringing together two or more quantities to make a new total. Start with the basics of subtraction, such as its sign (-).  Get our subtraction sign language vocabulary Poster set to post on your classroom wall to use as a quick reference. Access here.

The best way to get started with subtraction is by using physical objects. This will help make the subtraction as concrete as possible. The child will also be visually stimulated while using physical objects. While doing this, reinforce the numbers used by signing to teach the concepts. This set of cards includes both numeric and signs for each number used.  Have fun counting objects together and add one or two to the existing pile as you use the flashcards

See more about the math subtraction resources here.

Learn how to get this free! 

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