Jellybean Math Counting 0-10


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Count to tell the number of objects.
K.CC.4 Understand the relationship between numbers and
quantities; connect counting to cardinality using a variety of objects

This is a 5-page product. Download the file and print on your own printer.

This Jellybean Math Counting is good all year but especially in the spring or Easter for holiday-themed learning. It is designed to help students with attributes of math, such as recognizing and counting numbers 0-10 while learning and reinforcing numbers with sign language.
Teachers have 2 options: lessons with sign only or with numbers and sign.

Bonus: We have added a link to a video on ASL Teaching Resources’ Youtube Channel. In the video, the full lesson is presented with voice and sign language. It’s like having their own teacher/interpreter walking them step-by-step through each math problem.

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