Jelly Bean Counting – Math and Writing Numbers 0-10


This Jelly Bean Counting is fun all year, but it’s perfect for learning around spring and Easter. It is meant to help students with math skills like recognizing, counting, and writing the numbers 0–10 while learning and reinforcing numbers through sign language.


This Jelly Bean Counting is good all year, especially in the spring or Easter, for holiday-themed learning. It is designed to help students with math attributes, such as recognizing, counting, and writing numbers 0-10, while learning and reinforcing numbers with sign language.

Jelly Bean Counting 1-10 worksheets include:

  • Trace English words and match
  • Count and match with sign/number
  • Count and match sign only
  • Guess how many Jellybeans activity

Bonus: We have added a link to a video of the complete lesson presented with voice and sign language. It’s like having their teacher/interpreter walk them through each math problem step-by-step.

Count to tell the number of objects.
K.CC.4 Understand the relationship between numbers and
quantities; connect counting to cardinality using a variety of objects

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