Halloween Coloring and Activity Book


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 Halloween Coloring and Activity Book with ASL

You’re going to love this Halloween coloring and activity book! Halloween is a great time to play fun games and learn Halloween sign language at the same time! These Halloween fun ideas feature different Halloween-themed signs that you can use for teaching ASL in a fun and engaging way.

Sign Language Halloween Vocabulary Included

Sign language Halloween book focuses on 12 words:
Bat, Black Cat, Candy, Costume, Monster, Ghost, Halloween, Scared, Skeleton, Spider, Trick or Treat, Witch

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This is a downloadable file and can be printed and used at home or school.

Halloween Coloring Pages Included

  • 12 fun Halloween coloring sheets with the sign language hints
  • 12 Halloween coloring sheets with sign language characters
  • 2 use your imagination sheets

Halloween Game Printable Included

  • Halloween Mazes ASL
  • Halloween Word Scramble ASL
  • Halloween Bingo ASL
  • Halloween Word Search ASL
  • Halloween Fortune Teller / Cootie Catcher
  • Halloween Dice Game ASL

5 benefits of this ASL Halloween Book

  1. Teaches children to sign
  2. Games to play with friends
  3. Improve critical thinking with puzzle activities
  4. Learn to follow instructions
  5. Encourages creativity and boosts imagination

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