Halloween ASL Bingo


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Halloween ASL Bingo

Feel the love and enjoy bonding moments with your student while learning sign language with this Halloween ASL Bingo. Both kids and the “kids-at-heart” can play with these Halloween-themed ASL cards.

What’s included in this Halloween printable:

  • 2 sets Black & White Halloween Bingo Cards.
    • 6 English Cards
    • 6 ASL Fingerspelling Cards
    • Jack-o’-lantern tokens for each player to use with their bingo card!
    • Calling Card
  • 1 set of full-color Halloween Bingo Cards
    • 30 Player cards in English
    • Colored Jack-o’-lantern tokens for each player to use with their bingo cards.
  • 1 editable bingo card to pumpkin spice up your game!

Hint: Mix and match the ASL version with the English version for more fun!

12 Halloween Vocabulary Words are featured in this game – Candy, Skeleton, Witch, Costume, Black Cat, Ghost, Monster, Bat, Spider, Halloween, Scared, Trick or Treat. Learn all of these spooktacular signs in the video below!



How to play the Halloween ASL Bingo:

  1. Provide each student with a bingo card and tokens.
  2. Call out a word, sign, or fingerspell from the calling card. Students that have the matching word can cover the square with a token.
  3. Once a student has four squares in a row covered (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) they may call out “BINGO”. The first student to reach Bingo wins.
  4. Continue to play for second and third place or start over.

NOTE: Each set in the series has 12 cards. Each card number matches across the series so you can mix up the series for a variety of fun.

Additional Ways to Play Halloween Printable Bingo:

  • English – Fingerspell or sign the words.
  • Sign – Say, sign, fingerspell, or hold up objects of the words
  • Pictures – Best for younger kids. Show images of the word.
  • Fingerspelling – Say, sign or fingerspell the words.

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Just need one of the sets? See single Bingo topic options here.

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