For today’s Sign Language Lesson – How to sign Condiments, enjoy our instructional video where you can learn the sign for “condiments.” πŸ§‚ Stay tuned for the next “How to Sign” vocabulary sign videos. Please, leave a comment and tell us what signs you want to see.

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Welcome to ASL Teaching Resources, the one-stop place for ASL teaching resources and learning sign language. We specialize in providing teachers with the necessary tools to be successful whether they know sign or not.

Get the BEST ASL Teaching Resources to use with your students hearing/deaf or special needs/autistic. We are honored to support SPED teachers, DHH teachers, Itinerant teachers, Homeschool parents, Speech Pathologists, Daycare directors, and more.
We want YOU to be SUCCESS! Whether you know sign language or not, we take care of that for YOU!

Our Mission

To provide ready-to-use sign language-based worksheets, flashcards, and videos to make it easier to teach and communicate with deaf, hearing, and special needs students.

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