Learn how to sign “Duck”.

Hand Shape: right hand “U” with extended thumb,  palm facing outward
Location: knuckles touching mouth
Tip: shows the bill of a duck opening and closing
Action:  tap “U”  on the thumb 2x
*This sign can also be signed using the whole hand (all fingers extended to touch the thumb).

Video Transcript: Duck, D-U-C-K. Duck is done with the flat hand bent and you’re going to put your wrist at your mouth (you want it to become the bill of the duck). Then you close and open it two times…duck. A sample sentence could be “Are you ready to give food to the duck?”

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“Let’s Play A Children’s Game”

Children’s games can be a fun way to incorporate learning into physical activity. They can be a great way to sharpen the mind in many different ways while exercising the body. You know what we call that?… a win – win.

Give the good old fashioned game of Duck, Duck, Goose a try. However, be sure to sign “duck” each time it is said. In this game, the children sit in a circle facing each other. One person is “it” and walks around the circle; as they walk around they tap each person’s head. As they tap each head they say whether that person is a “duck” or a “goose”. Once someone is deemed the “goose” they get up and try to tag “it” as he/she runs around the circle in an attempt to steal the “goose’s” seat. If the “goose” is not able to do this, they become “it” for the next round and the game continues. If they do tag the “it” person, the person tagged has to sit in the center of the circle (until another person is tagged by the “goose” and they are replaced). The “goose” becomes “it” for the next round. *Consider setting a rule that the person who is it cannot choose a a person as a “goose” if they have recently been a “goose” to ensure more children have a chance to chase. You could also have the group stand and walk in place as opposed to sitting so that they are continuously engaged in physical activity.

Duck, Duck Goose benefits children in multiple ways…

from a physical standpoint they benefit from low to moderate physical activity as well as practice in walking in place, chasing and running. From a social/emotional perspective, the modified version creates a sense of belonging while the game develops sense of humor.

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