Teach your baby to sign “line up”

Hand Shape: “4” hands, right hand facing in, left hand out, pinky and finger touch
Location: Chest area
Tip: Represents people lined up in a row
Action: Move hands out in opposite directions

Video transcript: Hi, and welcome to Sign Baby Sign. This week’s word is line up.

30 Ideas to Line Up- Classroom Management

1. Use a timer. Later, try to beat the class record
2. Compete with two lines to see which group is the quietest
3. Sing a song to line up
4. Only using sign language
5. Food: bring or buy lunch
6. Name: how many letters in your name
7. Name: Beginning letter
8. Name: vowel in your name
9. Name: easy or hard to say
10. Nails: painted or not
11. Shoes fasten: Velcro, slip-on, lace
12. Shoe style: sneakers, sandals, boots
13. Shoes: color
14. Clothes: color of garment
15. Clothes: pants, shorts, skirt, dress
16. Clothes: zipper, buttons, snaps
17. Clothes: Belt- wearing or not wearing one
18. Clothes: jacket, sweater, none
19. Sex: boy or girl
20. Age
21. Birth month
22. Hair: by color
23. Hair: by length
24. Hair: by type- curly, wavy, straight
25. Hair: braided, ponytail, buzz, regular
26. Eye color
27. Face: freckles or none
28. Pets: cat, dog, other, none
29. Get to school: bus, car, walk
30. Family vehicle: car, truck

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