How to sign “car”

Hand Shape: “S” hands, palms face each other
Location: chest level
Tip: pretend to drive
Action: Move hands to simulate driving.

Video transcript: Hi, and welcome to Sign Baby Sign. This week’s word has to do with transportation. The word is C-A-R for car. Were going to take our closed fist hands, with the “S” hand shape and act as if your hands are on the steering wheel and drive. It’s kind of an up down hand movement.

This is a popular sign in my house as I’m always finding myself signing, “It’s time to go to the car”. The simplest way to sign the sentence is: “car, go”. At times, I use sign for distant communication with my husband to meet me at the car. I would sign, “car, meet”. See our dictionary if you need to see how to sign each word.

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8 Fun car activities to do with your children

  1. Selfie. Call out an emotion or action and have your child take a photo of himself doing it.
  2. Guess your selfie. Have your child look at the pictures he just took and guess the emotion or action he sees. Switch devices if there is more then one playing to guess each other’s photos.
  3. Bingo. Make your own bingo boards of things you will see on your drive.
  4. Sing-a-long. Play your child’s favorite CD and everyone sings. Try to order one with their name inserted throughout the songs.
  5. Sound track. Borrow CDs from your library with nothing but sounds. As you listen, everyone tries to guess what it is.
  6. Story time. Record yourself during story time; then bring the book and the recording for them to hear on the car trip.
  7. Sticky hands. Find a bubble gum machine or toy store to buy sticky hands. Kids will have lots of fun slinging then on the window (and at each other).
  8. Eye spy. Play this game like normal or add a twist and have a toy that you place in the car to teach directions. For example, put a blue car on the left and red car on the right to teach left and right. Other ideas include: in front, on, under, close to, behind, etc.

Let us know how you keep your child occupied during a road trip. Leave your post in the comment box your ideas.

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