How to sign “bed”

Hand Shape: “B” hands, hold like you are praying
Location: side of head at ear
Tip: like you are resting your head on a pillow
Action: while titling head to one side, put hands on the side of head (can do with one hand)

Video transcript: Hi, and welcome to Sign Baby Sign. This week’s word is “bed”.
B-e-d. This can be done two different ways. Using your prayer hands and just or you can use one hand.

If you’d like a few advanced words for your older children, when you want to tell them to go to bed, (sign is demonstrated) you would take your “C” hand down like this, to represent the covers on the bed. And then use the two fingers like this, and have the child get into bed, “to go to bed”. Another word you might want to use is “bedroom”. “Bed” and “room”. (signs) Or you could use one hand. I hope you have enjoyed this week’s word. Be sure and check out the coloring sheet, it’s all free. And if you would like to sign up for classes through Skype or Face Time, that’s on the website as well.. Until next time, have a wonderful week.

6 great bedtime routines for your children

Routine brings a sense of security to our children. The last thing they experience at bedtime can set the stage for a peaceful night of sleep. Try out some or all of the ideas to establish your child’s nightly routine.

  1. Bath to bring relaxation
  2. Brush hair and teeth for healthy hygiene
  3. Story time to foster connection (be sure to cuddle)
  4. Prayers to train their spirit
  5. Hugs and kisses to reinforce love
  6. Music to relax the mind

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