Hand Shape: claw like “C” shape with both hands
Location: chest level
Tip: as if holding a ball
Action:  tap all fingertips together twice.

Video transcript:  Hi, and welcome to Sign Baby Sign.  For the word “ball”, it’s quite simple; you just go like this (see video) two times.  Ball.

10 Reasons for Playing Ball with Your Children

  1. Improvement of balance and hand-eye co-ordination
  2. Provides physical exercise
  3. Builds cognitive skills
  4. Builds social skills
  5. Awareness of posture
  6. Improved motor skills
  7. Increased self-confidence
  8. Enhanced muscle and bone development
  9. Positive body awareness
  10. Time well spent with you!

“Ball” is an easy sign for children to pick up because it is readily associated with reward.  When your child signs “ball”, he gets the ball every time.  Then you sign “ball” for him to give it back to you.

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