Hand Shape: “S” hands
Location: chest
Tip: like hugging yourself
Action: cross both hand over the middle of your chest

Let me explain how to sign the phrase “I Love You.” Three letters represent your hand shape. It’s the letter “I“ for the word “I”, the letter “L” for “love”, and the letter “Y” for “you.” When you put them all together you have the sign “I love you”, and it’s directional. You can wave the “I love you” sign to a specific person, or when you say goodbye to your child at daycare through the window. Without saying a word, they are reminded that you love them.

If the hand shape is to difficult for your child to form it with their hand, a simpler way is to say “I” and point to yourself, then on your chest cross your arms using “S” hands, like you are hugging yourself for the word “love”, followed by pointing to the other person for the word “you”.

I use this sign most when I want to share my love with my family as I am walking past them. It’s a nice surprise that always brings a smile to us both.
Now go and share your love.

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