Teacher Starter Kit – Part 1 Math


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Teacher Starter Kit – Part 1

Teachers have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. That’s why we created the Teacher Starter Kit—just for you!

At ASL Teaching Resources, we are here to lighten your load. Image instead of spending your evening hours creating your own classroom materials, you are able to relax when you get home and spend your time the way YOU want. In order to do this, you need to find content quickly and easily.

We helped over 1,500 people just over this past school year, and now it’s YOUR turn!

Here’s how the Teacher Starter Kit works

Step 1: Get your free Teacher ASL Sample Starter Kit Part 1 and Part 2
Step 2: Take a week to check it out.
Step 3: Join our next 30m “ASL Live Support” webinar. Sign up here.

Here’s a quick link to our 1-minute video explaining how we can lighten your load.

Get ready to lower your stress, stop feeling so overwhelmed, and start getting your time back so you can feel a sense of relief knowing you have the tools you need to help your students better than ever!

Who are our ASL Resources for?

Those who work with children using sign language include elementary teachers, special needs teachers of all ages, homeschoolers, speech pathologists, daycares, and more!

If you are working with children (deaf or hearing) and you want to incorporate the use of Sign Language then these sign language resources is for you. A site where all of the work is done for YOU.

We want YOU to be SUCCESS! We give you all the tools necessary.

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