“I” Sight Word Flipbook


The I Sigh Word Flipbook assists beginner readers in their learning of sight words and literacy. This set of 24 flipbook cards (in color and black and white) helps young learners read and write sight words in a fun and engaging manner.

Teachers and parents can easily use the Google Slides Flipbook in virtual learning environments. In addition, the extra six pages of English and sign language alphabet cut-outs enhance learning.


The “I” Sigh Word Flipbook helps beginning readers learn sight words and literacy. This set of 24 color and black and white flipbook cards allows young learners to read and write sight words in a fun and engaging way.

Teachers and parents may use the Google Slides Flipbook in virtual learning environments. An extra six pages of English and Sign Language alphabet cutouts boost learning.

This flipbook collection includes activities such as reading, writing, touching, filling, pasting, tracing, unscrambling, circling, rainbowing, and more. In addition, kinesthetic learners enjoy letterboxing and fingerspelling.

This Sigh Word emergent reader makes learning sight words fun and multi-sensory. Young children, special needs students and anyone who wants to enhance their sight word recognition and reading skills can use it. This Sight Word “I” printable flipbook can be used in the classroom or at home to help kids improve their reading skills.

American Sign Language can help with sight word learning through practice and repetition. The ASL pre-primer flipbook series will engage students while teaching Sight Words.

Pre-Primer Flip Book Series – ASL

Your Pre-Primer Sight Words – ASL flipbooks (also called Dolch Words and Fry Words) are meant to help your students learn to spot sight words in both English and sign language. These bilingual sight word cards are great for centers, groups, homework, and interventions. They are also great for parents. In the preview video, there is a quick look at our Pre-Primer flipbook.


Flipbooks Practice Cards Example

What’s Included in Your ASL “I” Sight Word Flipbook

✓ 24 Flipbooks Practice Cards Colored
✓ 24 Flipbook Practice Cards in Black & White
✓ BONUS! 6-pages of Alphabet cutouts English & ASL


You’ll also get with your purchase this flipbook set version of Free Online Sight Word Cards in Google Slides™.

With this Sign Language FlipBook purchase, you will also get the complete set in Google Slides™ to use with your students in the classroom and for online learning. Enjoy!

dolch words storage box

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The “I” Flip Book Emergent Reader Explained

  • Read it ~ Students point to a word and sound it out/read it.
  • Touch it ~ Students touch each word as they read it.
  • Fill it ~ Students write the missing letter of the sight word in the blank box.
  • Paste it ~ Students cut out letters in the right column and then place them in the correct
    order in the empty boxes. Note: An extra set of cutouts are included in this packet.
  • Trace it ~ Students trace the word to practice their knowledge of letters and associate them
    with forming words. Tracing can be done with a pencil, fingers, or even paint.
  • Unscramble it ~ Students re-write the correct sight word on the line.
  • Write it ~ Students write the sight word.
  • Find it ~ Students find and point to the featured sight word.
  • Circle it ~ Students circle the sight word with a pencil, pen, or dry-erase marker.
  • Rainbow it ~ Students use dry-erase markers/crayons using different colors for each letter.
  • You Choose it ~ Students have the creative freedom to do as they please with this card.
  • Sentence it ~ Students write a sentence using their sight words.
  • Draw it ~ Students draw a picture that revolves around the sight word.
  • Underline it ~ Students underline the word.
  • Copy it ~ Students copy/write the sentence on the card.
  • Create it ~ Students use letters or playdough to create the word on the card. Extra alphabet letters are provided in this packet.
  • Letter Box it ~ Students write the word in the blank box and then will read or sign the sentence.
  • Fingerspell it ~ Students fingerspell the word.
  • Sign it ~ Students sign the pre-primer sight word.
  • Reward~ Students is rewarded with the “Good Job” card.

Pre-Primer ASL Bundle! Collect the Series!

Here’s a quick link to our 1-minute video explaining how we can lighten your load.

Common Core:

CCSS.RF.K.1 – Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.
CCS.RF.K.1b – Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.
CCSS.RF.K.3c – Read common high-frequency words by sight (e.g., the, of, to, you, she, my, is, are, do, does).
CCSS.RF.K.4 – Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding

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