Sight Words – Assessment


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Sight Words – Assessment

Sight words refer to words often used in writing and reading and are easily recognized even without speaking them. It is said that around 50 to 70 percent of words that we know since we learned how to read are sight words.

Total:  9 Pages for the full Pre-Primer Series Sight Word Assessment

  • 6 Assessment Cards
  • 2 Assessment Check-Off
  • 1 Assessment Sign Recognition

Evaluating sight words.

Before you begin teaching sight words, make sure that you know which sight words your students already identify.

In the form, put a “+” in the square to indicate words that the student is able to identify. Put a “-” if the student is unable to identify correctly or took a longer time to provide the right word. Or simply use check marks. Kindly end the assessment if the student is unable to get at least half the correct answers on the list. Otherwise, count the total number of correct words and record the score and date on the progress summary form.

How to track the student’s progress

There is no exact date of how and when you should assess your student’s progress. It will be entirely up to you and your student’s progress to schedule the evaluation. But here’s an idea: most schools usually assess student’s progress about three to four times a year. Meanwhile, sight word assessment should be done more frequently for students who need extra teaching time.

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