Halloween Flashcards Part 1


Looking for a spine-chilling way to celebrate Halloween?

  • The Halloween Flashcards are a multisensory tool that engages young learners.
  • Includes visual picture cards to match each sign.
  • The cards are available in color and black and white.
  • With two levels of challenge, with and without printed words.
  • The cards teach young learners Halloween words and American Sign Language.

Don’t miss out on more vocabulary fun with Halloween Flashcards Part 2!


Picture a moonlit classroom, a spooky forest hallway, and the echoing laughter of mischievous ghouls and goblins as the Halloween spirit fills the air. The ASL Flashcards Halloween Series is a spellbinding journey that commences with Part 1. Within this set, you’ll discover 12 common festive words in American Sign Language, complete with matching icons. But the magic doesn’t end there – this set offers versions with and without English hints, allowing you to choose the level of challenge that suits your style and color or the eerie black-and-white sets.

ASL Flashcards Halloween

• 12 Halloween Signs
• 12 Halloween Picture Cards
• With English Clues
• Without English Clues
• Colored
• Black and White
• QR Code to Halloween Signs Video(s)

Halloween Vocabulary

Here’s a sneak peek of this spine-tingling vocabulary:

  • bat
  • black cat
  • candy
  • costume
  • ghost
  • monster

  • Halloween
  • scared
  • skeleton
  • spider
  • trick or treat
  • witch

  • Don’t miss your chance to make this Halloween unforgettable. Whether you’re a master of ASL or just starting your journey, these flashcards are perfect for learners of all styles. So, grab your broomstick or magic wand and explore the captivating world of Halloween in a whole new way, one sign at a time. Get ready to unlock the season’s magic with ASL Halloween Flashcards Part 1!

    But wait, there’s more! To complete your Halloween ASL flashcard experience, check out Part 2. You’ll find even more spine-tingling words and signs that will take your Halloween celebration to the next level.

    How to use QR Code: 

    A QR code is included to give you a video link to see each word signed.
    • Focus your phone’s camera on the QR code.
    • Do not take a picture. Instead, notice a pop-up.
    • Click on that link to open the video.

    Sign Language Halloween Flashcards Game Ideas

    Check out our top ideas for using ASL flashcards in the classroom! These activities are designed to make learning fun and engaging while reinforcing vocabulary through sign language.

    Memory Game: Get two sets of flashcards and place them face down on the floor. Students take turns flipping over two cards and saying/signing words. If the cards match, the student keeps them. The one with the most pairs at the end wins!

    Charades: Select a student to come to the front and show them a flashcard. They’ll sign the word to the rest of the class, and the first student to guess correctly gets to go next. You can even divide the class into teams for some friendly competition.

    Pictionary: Perfect for reviewing vocabulary! Have a student draw a flashcard picture on the board while the others guess the word. The first one to guess correctly gets to draw the next picture. This game can also be played in teams with a point system.

    Fingerspell Challenge: Form a circle with a person in the middle. With their eyes closed, the person in the middle spins around and points. The person pointed to must sign the flashcard and fingerspell the word. This builds receptive skills.

    Basketball Fun: Set up a trash can or box as the “basket.” Show a flashcard to Student 1, and if they answer correctly, they get a shot at the basket. A successful attempt earns 2 points, while hitting the basket without going in earns 1 point. Keep score individually or play in teams for added excitement.

    Sign Relay: Divide the class into two teams lined up in parallel. Have someone at the front pick a flashcard, sign it, and then the first student in each line races to ring a bell and correctly say the matching word. This game adds a dash of competition to reinforce sign language skills.

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